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Invisible Minerals is a series of books written by Dr. Carolyn Dean, a naturopath and qualified medical doctor who has authored more than 35 books to date. Part I of the series focuses on magnesium, exploring the myriad health benefits of this miracle mineral.

Dr. Carolyn Dean launched a range of mineral supplements in 2011, RnA ReSet, which are designed to ensure the body absorbs enough magnesium to maintain a healthy level. The Invisible Minerals Part I book describes how magnesium is used by the body for multiple essential metabolic functions, acting as a cofactor for more than 700 enzymes.

The short video attachment explores some of the main signs and symptoms that may point to magnesium deficiency.

Treating Chronic Conditions

Within the book, Dr. Carolyn Dean describes how magnesium can be used as an effective treatment for various chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, migraines, diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, insomnia, heart disease and many other health conditions.

Medical doctors may not prescribe magnesium as treatments for these conditions, because nutrient therapy is not something that is generally taught to trainee doctors and medical practitioners. However, there are many studies and much evidence to suggest that an increase in levels of magnesium in the human body can help to prevent, treat or even cure many of these types of conditions.

An estimated 70% to 80% of the population do not have enough magnesium in their systems or a high enough daily intake of magnesium. In many cases, once the dose of magnesium has been corrected through use of supplements, improvements in health can be seen.

Dietary Supplements

There is often controversy regarding the use of dietary supplements, with some espousing the ‘dangers’ of natural remedies. Dr. Carolyn Dean argues that these voices come mainly from the drug companies that have a vested interest in keeping people taking medications rather than turning to natural treatments.

Dr. Carolyn Dean has trained as both a medical doctor and a naturopath, so she understands the learning curve that each type of practitioner undergoes. The fact remains that dietary supplements have never caused a death, so those saying that they are ‘dangerous’ are not able to back up this supposition with any hard evidence.

Some statistics for dietary supplement use in the US can be seen in the infographic attachment.

Pico-Ionic Minerals

Many of the supplements on the market today are slated by the medical profession as being ineffective. Dr. Carolyn Dean does not necessarily argue with this. She states that many supplements are not designed in a way that allows the body to fully absorb the nutrients it requires, making these supplements ineffective even if the minerals they are made up of are beneficial. Minerals enters the body through mineral ion channels, which usually have a diameter somewhere in the vicinity of 400 to 500 picometers. Supplements therefore need to use Pico-Ionic minerals to enable them to pass into the body and begin to work.

A more in-depth explanation of Pico-Ionic minerals can be viewed in the embedded PDF.

The Laxative Effect

Overdosing on magnesium is not physically possible as magnesium causes what is known as the laxative effect. Once the body has absorbed an appropriate level of magnesium, any remaining is simply excreted through the intestines or kidneys in stools or urine. This prevents a build-up of magnesium within the body but can also mean that people with certain conditions will find it difficult to improve their magnesium deficiency. Pico-Ionic doses make the laxative effect much less likely to occur.