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Invisible Minerals Part 2 is a book authored by Dr. Carolyn Dean available on Kindle or in eBook format. The book explores the advantages of the supplements ReMyte and ReCalcia as well as looking at the importance of electrolytes for the healthy maintenance of the human body.  

Dr. Dean regularly writes about essential minerals and how these types of supplements can help promote good health, protect against certain diseases and even help to cure or alleviate symptoms of certain conditions. Her focus is on magnesium and what magnesium deficiency can do to the human body.  

Invisible Minerals Part 2 follows on, as the name suggests, from Invisible Minerals Part 1, which looks at magnesium. Part 2 focuses on magnesium as well, but alongside a variety of other essential minerals that are necessary for complete health and nutrition. The infographic attachment looks at some of the most important minerals the human body needs and what they do for us. 

Magnesium Deficiency 

Magnesium deficiency has been linked to a variety of health issues, yet medical doctors often overlook magnesium as both a cause and cure. Dr. Carolyn Dean is not only a qualified medical doctor but also a naturopath with experience in natural remedies and the power of good nutrition.  

Optimal magnesium levels cause bodies and brains to thrive, while operating with lowered levels of magnesium can cause numerous health and well-being issues. The main reasons many of us find we are low on magnesium are poor nutrition, soil depletion, taking medications that deplete our internal supply of magnesium, and chronic gut problems that can compromise our ability to properly absorb the magnesium we require.  

A lack of magnesium has been shown to be an underlying cause in myriad physical and mental health problems, including ADHD, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, heart problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammation, asthma, migraines, osteoporosis and more. 

The PDF attachment looks at some of the health benefits that can be enjoyed by getting enough magnesium, either through diet or supplements. 

Pico-Ionic Minerals 

One of the key takeaways from Dr. Carolyn Dean’s book is that many mineral supplements on the market do not work because the minerals contained in them are not ionized and not small enough to be absorbed into our cells. Mineral ion channels within the human body are approximately 500 picometers or less in diameter. This means the minerals must be smaller than this to enter the channels and be absorbed by the cells.  

Pico-ionic minerals are those that have been designed to be small enough for maximum efficiency in the absorption process, resulting in the minerals ending up in the areas where they are most required. Pico-ionic minerals can even be used effectively by people with chronic gut conditions such as IBS or Crohn’s disease that can result in malabsorption. The embedded short video explains malabsorption. 

ReMyte from RnA ReSet 

ReMyte is a mineral supplement that is part of the RnA ReSet range from Dr. Carolyn Dean, designed specifically to be able to be absorbed 100% at a cellular level. ReMyte is an electrolyte solution that provides the 12 most essential minerals as outlined in Invisible Minerals Part 2, in a formula that allows for complete absorption. This makes the supplement highly effective with relatively low levels of minerals, alleviating any risk of toxicity.  

ReMyte works hand in hand with ReMag, the magnesium supplement from the same range, to deliver a more complete solution to long-term health. ReMag stabilizes the membranes of the lipid cells, which allows the ReMyte mineral ions to enter the cells properly and perform their function to the best effect.