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Heart disease is one of the world’s biggest killers, so naturally when a loved one is diagnosed with the condition we worry. Some of the statistics for heart disease in the United States can be found in the infographic attachment.

Even in the cases where heart disease is not fatal, it can still result in a vastly reduced quality of life and reliance on multiple medications, while experiencing deterioration of health over time.

Dr. Carolyn Dean, medical practitioner and naturopath, suggests that in many cases there could be a misdiagnosis, with magnesium deficiency as the actual culprit causing the symptoms. Even in cases where heart disease is present, lowered levels of magnesium can cause the symptoms and the condition to worsen more rapidly, whereas increasing the magnesium levels in the body has been shown to alleviate symptoms and improve overall heart wellness.

Heart disease is identified as the leading cause of death in the US, so being informed about any available treatments and how to make lifestyle changes to prevent developing this condition could save lives.

Magnesium Saturation

Saturating the body with magnesium can help prevent a variety of heart-related conditions, including heart disease, as well as alleviate symptoms that could be misdiagnosed as heart disease.

Dr. Carolyn Dean has designed a range of patented formulas that are specifically designed to provide saturation doses without the common laxative effect that many people experience with other types of magnesium supplement.

The ReMag formulas have been developed to improve cardiovascular performance through building up the dosage until saturation levels are reached. This level of supplementation can then be maintained until the symptoms of magnesium deficiency are eradicated.

Magnesium plays a role in governing all nerve and muscle structure and function – and the heart is one large muscle. Ensuring an adequate amount of magnesium gets to the heart daily can help prevent numerous health concerns, including those that are heart-related and many others.

Treating Cardiovascular Conditions

There are many cardiovascular conditions that may be improved by an increased intake of magnesium in an easily absorbed form such as ReMag. These include hypertension, arrhythmias, calcification of the coronary valves and arteries, high cholesterol, broken heart syndrome, heart failure, and elevated blood sugar.

Magnesium supplements can also help reduce the side effects of many different types of medication that are known to drain the body of magnesium or prevent it from being properly absorbed from food. Attempting to saturate the body with magnesium may help to alleviate these types of conditions and their symptoms.

Magnesium overdose is extremely rare and most often occurs in patients who already suffer from poor kidney function. The PDF attachment provides a guide to help people work out how much of any essential vitamins or minerals their body requires.

Lifestyle Changes

The ReMag supplements work best in maintaining optimum health when conjoined with positive lifestyle changes. Staying properly hydrated is essential; Dr. Carolyn Dean recommends dividing your body weight in pounds in half, then drinking that many ounces of water per day to stay properly hydrated. For optimal benefits, a quarter teaspoon of Himalayan salt or sea salt should be added to every quart of this.

Cardiovascular activity also promotes good heart health. Introducing exercise can start with something as simple as taking a morning walk or introducing a stretching regime at home, running when going up and down the stairs, or performing a few squats while watching the television.

In the embedded short video, you can find some tips on how to introduce a more heart-healthy diet.