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Diagnostic errors or misdiagnosis of illnesses or other conditions is one of the costliest medical errors that can occur for both the individual patient and society. A research study performed by a team led by neurology professor David E. Newman-Toker has been published online, examining harms relating to misdiagnosis.

This study found that the vast majority (around 75%) of misdiagnoses were concentrated within what are known as the ‘big three’ areas: cancers, infections and vascular events. More facts and figures from the study can be found in the infographic attachment to this post.

These findings will now act as a foundation for further research into how to fix the problem of misdiagnosis in these three areas. Dr. Carolyn Dean argues that many cases of misdiagnosis are in fact cases of magnesium deficiency or a deficiency in other essential nutrients.

In her book, The Magnesium Miracle, Dr. Dean outlines a total of 65 symptoms and health conditions that in many cases can be treated using magnesium supplements rather than allopathic medicines.

Nutrient Deficiency and Yeast Overgrowth

Dr. Carolyn Dean identifies nutrient deficiency and yeast overgrowth as two of the main underlying causes of a variety of health conditions and symptoms both minor and major. A diet high in sugar or overuse of medications such as steroids and antibiotics causes 178 yeast toxins to build up inside the body. This yeast overgrowth contains layers of subclinical infections with bacteria and viruses, which are often then misdiagnosed as some other condition and treated accordingly, or that doctors are unable to diagnose at all.

Magnesium deficiency may also be at the heart of many major conditions, which can therefore then be treated using a magnesium supplement rather than drugs. Dr. Dean argues that combatting these two areas first may clear up many of the problems presenting completely. In cases where there are still symptoms once these two areas have been fixed, those remaining symptoms can be analyzed, diagnosed and treated accordingly without confusion. These treatments might be allopathic, or there may be scope for further treatment using natural therapies.

The differences between allopathic medicine and natural remedies can be found in the embedded PDF.

Death by Modern Medicine

Dr. Carolyn Dean has authored many publications as well as The Magnesium Miracle, including Death by Modern Medicine. This book differs from her may other publications in that it is not promoting a positive message but instead exposing the failures of a healthcare system dominated by allopathic medicine and documenting the focus of the North American healthcare industry on profit rather than on healing.

In the book, Dr. Dean delivers statistics that show that the allopathic medical industry is in fact the biggest killer in North America. Tales are documented throughout the book of healthcare bureaucracy and propaganda, showing a system that is currently failing to encourage good health and particularly to promote good health through prevention.

Dr. Dean shares several alternative healthcare solutions that she has personally adopted to improve her own health and longevity and avoid hospitals and doctors. Two new chapters have been added to the latest edition of Death by Modern Medicine and the book has been referenced many thousands of times since first being released. It also won the Most Progressive Health Book award at the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2006.

You can find more information about the importance of maintaining the correct levels of magnesium in the human body for optimum health by watching the short video attachment to this post.