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The Everything Alzheimer’s Book is a publication written by Dr. Carolyn Dean, providing a wealth of information about the disease. This includes looking at symptoms and their effective management, current treatments and potential risk factors.

This comprehensive tome includes a basic brain function primer, looking at how Alzheimer’s disease and dementia affect the working of the brain and providing thorough descriptions of all potential symptoms those with the condition can expect.

The book also explores how to recognize and deal with these symptoms as a family member or friend, offers advice on how to Alzheimer’s-proof the home, and expands on the various treatments available, including medications and natural remedies.

The author, Dr. Carolyn Dean, is both a licensed medical practitioner and a naturopath, making her ideally placed to explore the various treatment options from both sides of the fence without bias. You can learn more about the work of a naturopath in the PDF attachment to this post.

Helping Families

One of the key aims of the Everything Alzheimer’s Book is to provide help for families dealing with a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. There are an estimated four million individuals in the United States who are currently living with Alzheimer’s, and this figure is expected to rise exponentially over the coming years, predicted to reach as high as 15 million by 2050.

Despite the high number of people and their families who are living with this debilitating condition, there are limited resources available to provide advice and authoritative information. This completely up-to-date publication provides families with all the information they need to be able to make the most of their circumstances. This includes details of the symptoms and what to expect, information about the various treatments and medications available and their effects and side effects, and advice on to how to handle the legal and financial aspects of dealing with a family member with Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Carolyn Dean also explores the pros and cons of hospital care versus home care, providing expert advice designed to help alleviate anxiety in both the patient and their close ones and offer a better quality of life. Dr. Dean practiced integrative medicine before the term was even coined – the short video attachment has a definition of integrative medicine.

Preventing Alzheimer’s with Magnesium

Dr. Carolyn Dean has written a lot about the health benefits of magnesium throughout her career, both in her many publications and in articles online. One of these potential benefits could be preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies have shown that an increase in magnesium uptake can relieve many of the symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s. There is also evidence to suggest that dementia can be caused by a reaction to sleeping pills, which could be avoided should the patient be prescribed a magnesium supplement to help with sleeping instead.

Magnesium helps us to regulate our emotions and sleep better, so it stands to reason that people who get their required daily intake of magnesium regularly will have less requirement for medication to help them sleep. Adequate amounts of magnesium help alleviate stress, improve memory function and make thought processes clearer – all these things can help ward off conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, an estimated 80% of people today do not get the required amount of magnesium from their diets, so taking a supplement may well be required to maintain optimum health.

The infographic attachment looks at some of the currently available medical treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.